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24-Hour Road Accident Motorcycle Recovery London

24-Hour Road Accident Motorcycle Recovery London
24-Hour Road Accident Motorcycle Recovery London

If you have the misfortune to be involved in an accident while riding your motorbike, there are a number of concerns which you will need to consider. Not least of these matters, is how you are going to recover your bike from the scene of the accident.

Motorbike accidents are, unfortunately, fairly common, but it can still be a very stressful situation to be in, and you may not immediately know what to do or who to contact with regards to your motorbike.

Hopefully, no serious injuries, or damage to the bike has occurred. However, even if you are uninjured and the bike is in a ridable condition, you may still be shaken up by the experience and it might not be a wise move to get back on the bike and continue on your way.

That’s where OnePlace2Save comes in. We’ve been dealing with motorcycle recovery in London since 2008 and can provide a quick and efficient service to get you and your motorbike whenever you need to be.

You may have ridden to an area you are unfamiliar with, or the accident may have caused you to be late keeping your plans.

Don’t worry, as a London-based company, we know all the best routes to reach you quickly and with minimum fuss.

Since there’s no such thing as a conveniently-timed accident, we provide motorcycle rescue services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what time of the day or night it is, give us a call on +44800 6226 839 and we will come out to where you are and transport you and your bike to your chosen destination.

We’ll provide you with a quote based on your specific requirements, so you know exactly what you will be paying, and can attend to other matters such as insurance or rearranging your plans.

If the bike is not damaged but you need to be on your way, we can arrange to securely store your bike for you for a short period of time, and arrange its delivery back to you, at a more convenient time.

Our aim is to reduce your stress, by taking excellent care of you and your bike, so you can get back to your plans as soon as possible. Our fully-trained team are professional and friendly and are very-well versed in moving and transporting a variety of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.

Motorbike Recovery Vehicles

24-Hour Road Accident Motorcycle Recovery London
24-Hour Road Accident Motorcycle Recovery London

Transporting a motorcycle in any old van could cause it to move and be damaged during the journey.

Don’t worry.  All our motorcycle recovery vehicles are equipped with specifically designed straps and stands to ensure your bike remains fully upright and stable for the duration of the journey. Ramps, winches, wheel chocks, dollies, skates, snatch blocks, and soft straps enable us to safely load and secure your bike into our vans in the most careful way possible.

We are fully insured with Goods in Transit cover and Public Liability Insurance, so, in the unlikely event of any damage occurring during the journey, it won’t end up costing you more money.

We operate a fleet of motorcycle recovery and removals vehicles, which are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standard, to ensure we never let you down.

Damaged Bikes

Man and Van Motorcycle Collection
Man and Van Motorcycle Collection

Even minimal damage to a bike can stop it being safe or legal to ride, for example, if it occurs to your mirrors or break lights.

If your motorcycle has been damaged in the accident, you may need help transporting it safely and securely to a repair garage or a mechanic. This is particularly true if it is a vintage or customised motorbike, which may need specialist care.

No matter how damaged a bike may be, it should never be transported on its side.

The straps and stands in our motorcycle recovery vehicle will ensure that the no further damage occurs to the bike whilst it is in transit. We can also transport any parts which have become detached from the bike in the accident.

As an established motorcycle rescue company, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to you every time.

We ensure every member of the team meets our high standards of staff and every motorcycle recovery vehicle is fully fit for purpose.

As a London-based company we have an extensive knowledge of the motorways and roads and, as such, are best placed to reach you quickly and efficiently.

Road accident motorcycle recovery is just one of the many transporting and removal services offered by OnePlace2Save. Over the years, we have built up an excellent reputation for delivering a first-class affordable service, with many of our customers booking us for multiple jobs.  We believe repeat customers are a sign of the high-quality of our service. You can also check out some of our positive reviews before you get in contact with us.

The next time you’re in a motorbike accident and need help transporting your bike, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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